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Surviving Burkitts


The film examies Burkitts Lymphoma, the most aggressive cancer known to man, through an intimate portrait of a UK mother who loses her son to this disease.

Honour Me


Abused by her family, forced into marriage, raped, pregnant at 13 then hunted down for violating her family’s honour.  This is the shocking, compelling true story of Sameem Ali’s struggle to break free from her past and fight back against her upbringing.

Juarez City of Dreams


Juarez is one of the largest border towns on earth with 1 million desperately poor and maligned inhabitants.  Juarez City of Dreams examines why so many people flock to the city and what life is like for those living in the most dangerous and violent city in the Americas if not the world.

21st Century Male


Examines modern day masculinity and asks the question "why are modern males increasingly suffering conditions that are more often than not associated with women?"

The Forgotten Children of Congo


Narrated by Robert Powell this powerful and harrowing documentary focuses on the plight of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s street children, who were found to be commonly involved in witchcraft, cannibalism and as child soldiers.

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These are some of our recent documentaries.  We hope that these films give a voice to the people and organisations that we have collaborated with on these productions.


Please 'click on an image' to find out more about the film and watch a clip.

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The Curry Knights - Champions of British Curry


Belal and Pasha are 'The Curry Knights' their quest, to champion Britain curry.  We follow the Knights on their culinary crusade to educate the British public on the largely unknown history and evolution of the British curry.

Building Green 2

Building Green


The series examines the architects and visionaries behind some of the world’s most beautiful and ground breaking low carbon contemporary buildings.

The Stained Glass Mandolin


Angry Man Pictures teams up with Pepwell Films to produce an impressionistic documentary for the Teenage Child Cancer Trust about a unique musician and instrument maker living on Orkney.

Dick CU

Alexis De Vilar - Africa Through A Lens


This heart-warming, poetic and beautifully filmed documentary follows international photographer Alexis de Vilar on a journey to present an intimate portrayal of what will be a true African success story.